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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Back !!!

After a long time disappearing into the 'jungle', I had found my way back to my ordinary life again.

I thought I had made a big move, in fact, I am back to the initial starting point.

Anyway, I learnt a lesson -- Not to trust anyone easily, even if someone looked or sounded nice and kind.

Girlssss, believe in yourself and live life to the max !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Best Place To Stay In Venice

Few weeks ago, I went to Venice, Italy and had great time there.
For anyone who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Venice, I recommend you to stay in Al Bailo Di Venezia Residence Suite. The apartment is very beautiful, clean and comfortable.

It's near to San Marco.

The river is in front and you might have a beautiful balcony with flowers.

This is the room !!!!!!! and there will be fully equiped kitchen too !!!

Al Bailo Di Venezia Residence Suite

Fondamenta San Lorenzo 5056

Friday, 13 May 2011

Gosh when can I finish it?

i've got this whole big boxes of masks n facial scrubs now.... initially i have more ... my frens bought a few boxes from me jus now ... but still looked like i cant finish it in the short term .. this amount of storage will take one at least a year to consume it ... haha ... thanks to my lovely sis who always send me all the masks and facial products all the way from taiwan ...

Now i have tried :
whole set of SEXYLOOK masks ( Love it so much and u do not need to lie down, the design make it very convenient),
a few different boxes of 我的美丽日记,
HEME ultra-white lift V masks (which I love it so much),
HEME Instant Lift & Whitening Eye Masks (which I love it too ),
Cosline Wash Off Type Masks ( tried all kind and I love it too),
Hisamitsu Lifecella Masks (not bad!!!)
Elizabeh More-Lesa Natural Masks,
Gold Masks,
Laneige Pore Clear Wash off Pack (Recommended),
Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel (Recommended),
Superdrug Raspberry exfoliating Mud Mask (Sucks !!!!),
Neutrogena (not bad),
SKII Facial Treatment Masks (good!!!),

I'm going to try:
Kracie Mask,
Naisture Mask Pack - sweet honey,
Seacrets Crystal Collagen Mask,
Cellina Oil Control Mask,
牛尔naruko晚安冻膜 ( hope it is as good as wat it said in show),
Bihada Ichizoku Foot and Hand Masks

Friday, 22 April 2011

Revision week 2

Recently my fren recommended me this website GRAZE , they will send u box of snack every wed n fri.. u get to to choose from a range of snack... and they will place 4 punnets in the box... when u first sign up, u get one free box to try and the 2nd box in half price .... i think it is quite different and convenient tat i dun hav to go out to buy any snack.. n get the chance to try different snack while doing revision .... anyone interested, can click on this link with my promotional code (V85KP69)and sign up, then u will get a free box of snack and the 2nd box half price... Try it !! u will love it !!

My first GRAZE box

I love macaron !!! my fren bought this macaron from PIERRE HERME in London... Usually v have macaron from LADUREE... PIERRE HERME is much expensive than LADUREE for the same quantity because they price by its weight.. I prefer PH actually because it's actually much biggerwith more 'liquid' in the middle .... I should try the macaron in LADUREE, Paris... i went there once having dinner, but did not manage to buy the macaron...

Delicious sushi made by JING !!! i dunno how she made it.. there's even avocado in the sushi which i like it very much!! in fact, i always prefer sushi tat contained avocado ... i tried my first sushi making few days ago ... i made sushi with unagi and tamago.. the sushi tat i've made looked ugly, thta's y i did not take photo of it ... haha... mostly because i did not roll the sushi in a proper way tat made the sushi came up loose ... and a blunt knife make the cutting of sushi very difficult... i will try it some other day and make my frens to b my 'white mice' of the experiment.... hahahha .... Thanks for trying those food tat i've made!!!

Alright ... now it's for complain ... I had Salmon benedict as breakfast few times a week in Café Rouge in Canterbury....

t(1)- the first time i went there, i fell in love with Salmon benedict in Cafe Rouge...

t(2) - the SB too salty

t(3) - "sorry, v have no more potatoes" .... wth ..... it's impossible to hav no potatoes in the morning ..it's better to close for the day ... there must b potatoes in most of the dishes ... "ok, fine. v still wan the SB" .. the waitress allow us to hav either extra egg or brioche .... which is quite crazy to have 3 eggs for breakfast !!!

t(4)- they served the SB with roasted potatoes ( if not mistaken) without onions ... actually i like this LYONNAISE potatoes very much ... the thinly sliced onion is playing a major role ... so without it, it's like roasted potatoes or whatever it is ... then v complained ... finally they added the onions for us ...

t(5) - " sorry v have no more hollandaise sauce" ..... SHIT ...

Wat is the problem with you, Cafe Rouge !!!!!!!!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Revision Week 1 Part I

First of all, you will think tat this is my room.... it's not !!!

it's a fitting room in JACK WILLS, canterbury!!! it's a new JW store in Canterbury .... every fitting room is like a bedroom.... there's bed, dressing table, mirror .... and it is at least twice larger than my room now !!!!! and the design in every room is different ...

Saturday, 2 April 2011

French breakfast at Cafe Rouge

I had french breakfast today !!! this cafe had been in the town centre for some times ... and i din realised tat the french breakfast is so tasty .... it's much delicate than english breakfast .... i love it !!!
Saumon Benedicte Poached eggs & smoked salmon on toasted brioche with lyonnasie potatoes and Hollandaise sauce

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Difference btwn logo of Coca-cola and Pepsi

LANEIGE lipgloss, Carmex, Blistex, Crabtree & Evelyn, Vitamin water, Dior, Soap&Glory Sexy Extreme Plump, Dior, Loreal lipgloss.
the BEST is lipbalm is CARMEX. When I'm using C&E lipbalm, my chapped lips couldn't recover and it bcomes worse than ever.


I want this Hello Kitty watch so much !! It's with swarovski crystal on it!!! But I couldn't get it in UK.

Lovely Parcel from Lovely Sis

I went through lots of troubles getting this lovely parcel from Taiwan. Firstly, it was delivered to me on last monday by PARCEL FORCE and I was not at home. I got the card and rearranged another delivery on wednesday, which there was no class on wed. I waited the whole day for the lovely parcel. It did not came. Abit of disappointed, I rearranged for another delivery on fri. It again disappoint me. I made a complaint in the parcelforce website but the person replied to me and said I wasn't at home when it is delivered and tell nothing related to their redelivery service. Then my fren and I walked for 15 minutes to the post office to get the parcel. The person over there said that I have to show my ID card and a bank statement/ utility bill with my name, my address and reference number. I went to the same post office to get my parcel once and they never ask for my proof of address. And this time I did not bring any. Me and my fren searched online for my bank account and mobile phone account. My frens at home searched for the statement. I have canceled the delivery of bank statement to reduce paper waste long time ago. So I do not have any statement or bill WITH REFERENCE NO. with me. The most silly thing is that the my ID doesn't prove that I was the one stated on the parcel. They don't even accept AGREEMENT WITH MY NAME & ADDRESS because they want it WITH REFERENCE NUMBER. There is no REF NO. in AGREEMENT. DAMN IT!!! At last, my fren found me my gym direct debit letter. LAST TRY!!! He accepted it because he saw the reference number. How ridiculous !!!!

You can eat this... sanitary napkin ?! NO!!! it's marshmallow !!!

Does it looked like DUREX ?? it's chocolate !!

All the masks my sis sent it to me. I am using AM+PM by 牛尔, not sure if it is effective. I like the sexylook masks, it's very convenient.

My birthday card sent last year october.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Sweet dream

Today I woke up at 11.30am, without doing anything yesterday.
Still blaming myself, meanwhile I'm still watching TVB drama.
Recalled that I was having a good dream yesterday. A dream tat made me felt joyful all day long. I couldn't remember the much of the content of my dream. I know I met someone. Someone I recognised. During the day, I tried to recall the dream. It becomes more blurred each time I recalled. It was expected. I often forget about the content of my dreams. This is the 1st time I had a sweet dream since back to UK (I think). I was having nightmares and ended up having headache. I still feel happy when I recalled that. HAHA. Sometimes we should have day-dream. Day dream that makes us happy. Maybe I will treat that person differently because of this dream. HAHA I know that the dream would never come true. At least it made my day shines. A sweet dream is always worth to be remembered.

It's 12am now. Looking at the piles of notes that I have to read, I know I will have a nightmare tonight. Sweet dream, everyone.

Saturday, 6 November 2010


Found this funny picture in a designer's blog.. quite funny ...
Anyway im looking for a good lip balm for my chapped lips ........ wondering which brand is the best .....

Thursday, 28 October 2010

A moment of peace

I'm listening to Angela Aki~ 手紙: 敬啟者 給十五歲的你, a very touching song.
Just finished the first assignment in this academic year, another assignment will be due 2 weeks later. Hopefully there's enough time for me to do it as Pension Fund is abit boring.
I read the news of Selina being burnt during a shooting in Shanghai.
It's truly a terrible news. Let us all pray. Hope that she wil recover soon.